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Compliance Program

Phoenix Home Care Compliance Program describes the expectations for
Phoenix Home Care employees, clinicians, and other individuals associated
with Phoenix Home Care to assure ethical conduct and compliance with all
applicable laws.
When we talk about compliance, we are referring to our commitment to follow
all federal, state, and local rules/regulations that apply to Phoenix Home Care.
This includes complying with:

  • HIPAA and state laws related to confidentiality and privacy
  • Laws related to our business operations
  • Billing and coding requirements
  • OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations which focus on providing a safe work environment
  • Civil rights laws (e.g. discrimination is prohibited)
  • Phoenix Home Care Code of Conduct (this can be found in Phoenix Home Care Compliance Program Handbook)
  • Phoenix Home Care policies and procedures



Phoenix Home Care has designated Patti Miller as Chief Compliance Officer.
The Compliance Officer can be reached at 1-630-321-9400. Callers may remain anonymous.
Information can also be conveyed via email sent to Pattiward@lawrencem27.sg-host.com or by
requesting a confidential face-to -face meeting.